PBFA and PBFI committees guide, support, and inform the priorities of the two organizations. Feedback provided by each of the topic-oriented committees will be considered in the planning, development, and execution of strategies to meet PBFA/PBFI’s missions and objectives.

PBFA Committee applications are currently closed. New seats may be opened at the discretion of the Committee chair. Please fill out the form below to show your interest in joining a PBFA Committee. Thank you!

Benefits of Joining a Committee

Committee members will have the opportunity to weigh in on key issues and contribute to the strategic direction of PBFA’s work. Committee members demonstrate leadership by serving as a representative of PBFA, our 200+  member companies, and the broader plant-based foods industry.

As a committee member, you will: 

  • Guide, support, and inform the priorities of PBFA’s work.
  • Receive opportunities to participate in key topic-focused events.
  • Have your name and company name displayed on our website.
  • Network and build stronger connections with representatives of like-minded companies.

Commitment and Expectations

  • Each interested member will complete an online application (see section above) to demonstrate their interest in joining and what expertise and skills they will bring to the committee.
  • Each interested company can nominate 1-2 individuals. No more than two nominees can be put forth by a company, and each representative must be identified up front.
  • Each term will be up to two years per individual, contingent upon membership renewal.
  • Each accepted committee member is expected to attend at least 75% of scheduled meetings during their two-year term.
  • Each committee member will sign an NDA or approved confidentiality agreement. 
  • Meeting frequency will be at least once per quarter, with ad-hoc meetings as needed. Meeting dates are subject to change with at least one month notice, excluding emergencies.
  • When commenting on a specific subject, one formal perspective should be shared per company. 
  • Each accepted member must attend an annual required Committee Onboarding, which includes an overview of PBFA’s vision, mission, values, and three-year strategic plan.
  • If an individual member needs to leave their committee for any reason, they will have the opportunity to nominate someone with relevant experience from their company as a successor.

Committee Composition

  • Co-Chairs: PBFA Team Leader + PBFA/I Board Member
  • Company executives or those in leadership roles
  • Up to 10 individuals from member companies
  • Up to 5 individuals from affiliate member companies
  • Note: ⅔ of committee members must be from companies that produce or sell exclusively plant-based products.

PBFA strives for diverse representation of our membership on our committees, including company size, product categories, diversity of staff and customer base, relevant expertise, etc. Based on company membership, Co-Chairs will take these attributes into consideration when establishing the makeup of their committee.


The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

The strength provided by banding together with others to raise the visibility and voice of the plant-based foods sector, as well as to put forth solutions to many of the concerns we all face today, were the main motivating factors for us in helping to get the PBFA off the ground. What we’ve seen is that this effort has clearly been very successful and has also been effective in helping us to sharpen the focus on our company’s mission.
Bob Goldberg

CEO, Follow Your Heart