PBFA and PBFI committees guide, support, and inform the priorities of the two organizations. Feedback provided by each of the topic-oriented committees will be considered in the planning, development, and execution of strategies to meet PBFA/PBFI’s missions and objectives.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee plays a key role in shaping PBFA’s federal and state policy work, harnessing our membership’s collective expertise to champion, strengthen, and elevate the plant-based foods industry. Key focal areas for this group will include defending our sector against burdensome labeling challenges, and guiding PBFA/I’s strategy around key policy opportunities like the U.S. Farm Bill, Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and more.


Co-Chair: Jaime Athos, CEO of Tofurky

Cheryl Dreyer, Director, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence at Kerry

Sara Fletcher, Communications and Public Affairs Director at Oatly

Rodolfo Garza, Global Disruptor for Plant Based Foods at Sigma Foods (Better Balance Foods)

Elgeo Harris, Manager, Government Affairs at Bunge North America

Jessica Hulze Dillon, Director, Soil & Climate Alliance at Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions

Tina Karzen, Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Roquette Americas

Lauren Latchford, Policy and Impact Manager at Finless Foods

Kyra Lindemann, Head, Corporate Affairs & Communications NA at Upfield

Jody Mason, Senior Manager, State Government & Industry Affairs at Danone North America

Nick Persky, Corporate Counsel at Beyond Meat

Katrina Picon, Director of Communications at ​​Califia Farms

Jo Saint-George, Chair and General Counsel at HBCU College of Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee will come together to identify key insights and meaningful ways to advance and promote the positive environmental impact of plant-based foods. Through their committee work, members will influence PBFA’s slate of opportunities for members to get more involved in the sustainability space, from participating in life cycle assessments to recommending education and action to lower the environmental and climate impact of production, packaging, and other activities.


Co-Chair: Sadrah Schadel, CCO & Co-Founder at No Evil Foods

Karyn Andrew, Director of Marketing at Finless Foods

James Curley, Co-Founder, EVP Global Business Development at ​​The Planting Hope Company

Sara Fletcher, Communications and Public Affairs Director at Oatly

Nathaniel Gorance, Chief of Staff at Impossible Foods

Ryan Haugh, East Coast Sales Manager at ProXES

Jessica Hulze Dillon, Director, Soil & Climate Alliance at Green America Center for Sustainability Solutions

Prashant Jairaj, Vice President, Plant-Based Consumer Products at Global Food and Ingredients Inc.

Lonica Kufner, Associate Director of Business Development and Project Management at OmniFoods / Green Monday

Joe Loria, Director of Communications & Marketing at Zero Egg

Rachel Novack, Research and Development Intern at Third Wave Bioactives

Christina O’Keefe, Director of Sustainability – North America at Kerry

Kristine Sanchagrin, Chief Commercial Officer at MyForest Foods

Nicola Shaw, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Communication at Daiya Foods

Caroline Stevens, Product and Strategy at Superfoods Pantry LLC

Membership Committee

As PBFA grows in line with our strategic goals, our Membership Committee will play an essential role in guiding our efforts to better serve and support our diverse, cutting-edge member community. Committee members will help PBFA shape our ever-expanding suite of member benefits, engage our current members, and support recruitment efforts.


Co-Chair: Bill Glaser, CEO & Co-founder, Outstanding Foods

Jorge Azevedo, Chief Growth Officer, Planterra Foods

Scott Cowger, VP Sales Manager, in charge of R&D as well, CII

Olukoya Davis, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Misha’s Kind Foods

Melinda Goodman, President, FullTilt Marketing 

Steven Griswold, President/CEO, Vegan and Animal Professionals Insurance Agency

AnnMarie Kraszewski, Application Scientist, Oterra

Kate Mann, Founder & CEO, Bold Palate Foods

Danny O’Malley, President & Founder, Before the Butcher

Carolyn Smith, Vice President of International Marketing, Big Mountain Foods

Paul Turcotte, Director of Development, Passion Placement

Jamie Valenti-Jordan, CEO, Catapult Commercialization Services

Peter van Dijken, Owner & Founder, Green Boy Group

Michelle Wolf, CEO, New Wave Foods

George Wright, Director Industry Relations, Organic Food Brokers

PBFA Committee applications are currently closed. New seats may be opened at the discretion of the Committee chair. Please fill out the form below to show your interest in joining a PBFA Committee. Thank you!


The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

The strength provided by banding together with others to raise the visibility and voice of the plant-based foods sector, as well as to put forth solutions to many of the concerns we all face today, were the main motivating factors for us in helping to get the PBFA off the ground. What we’ve seen is that this effort has clearly been very successful and has also been effective in helping us to sharpen the focus on our company’s mission.
Bob Goldberg

CEO, Follow Your Heart