Consumer Marketing Initiative

Plant-based foods are more available, more diverse, and more appealing to consumers than ever before—and as the sector has expanded and demand for plant-based has consistently grown, the industry is ready to unite even more strongly, bolstering the collective efforts of our members and boldly and proactively telling the story of plant-based to larger audiences.

The seed has been planted—now, it’s time to cultivate the next phase of our industry’s evolution.

PBFA is working on a multi-pronged strategy to inform and inspire consumers to engage with plant-based foods across brands, products, and categories. As part of this, we are stewarding our dynamic community of plant-based brands and leaders, advocates, and experts to support the dissemination of a comprehensive consumer marketing initiative, designed to amplify the powerful voices of our members and partners, and speak to the hearts and minds of today’s consumers.

Realizing the potential of plant-based foods means coming together around a compelling, cohesive narrative that will both educate and engage a diverse range of consumers. And by supporting this effort, you can help us forge a plant-based future that’s as vibrant and visionary as our community, itself.

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