The impact of our global food system on people, planet, and animals is well-documented. As we look toward the future and the importance of being able to feed our growing population without causing further harm to our delicate ecosystem the International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG) is taking center stage to champion the cause of plant-based foods. Plant-based foods represent an opportunity to optimize the way we feed the world, and bolstering international support and growth for the plant-based foods industry is crucial to influencing broad food systems change.

In service of this important discussion, we are excited to announce the upcoming IPBFWG event, “The Role of Plant Foods in Transitioning to a Sustainable Food System,” set to take place October 13, 2023, in Brussels, Belgium. This event is not only a milestone for our working group but also a significant step toward a more sustainable and equitable global food system.

Collaboration to Strengthen Plant-Based Foods

Before the public-facing event, IPBFWG will host an internal summit to strategize on international policy priorities such as defending plant-based foods against restrictive labeling laws, in addition to marketplace tactics to supporting member companies through market challenges, and planning for the future.

The event’s program includes the IPBFWG Industry Forum where industry leaders will discuss key insights and recommendations for advancing plant-based foods. It’s an opportunity to delve into topics like market growth, consumer education, and the role of multinational corporations in shaping the industry’s future. We aim to emphasize the environmental, health, and economic benefits of plant-based foods and foster discussions on policies and regulatory frameworks that encourage their development. Additionally, there will be a Youth Forum, supported by ProVeg International, aimed at empowering young people, often dubbed “Gen Z,” to drive global movements towards climate-friendly diets.

The event will conclude with closing remarks by PBFA’s CEO Rachel Dreskin, emphasizing the significance of transitioning to plant-based diets for a sustainable future. As the world grapples with environmental challenges and health concerns, the role of plant-based foods in our food systems is indisputable.

Event Agenda

Event Programme

IPBFWG’s event promises to be a pivotal moment for the plant-based food industry. We invite you to join us in Brussels on October 13, 2023, to be a part of this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate food system. Together, we can make a difference and shape the future of food.


IPBFWG is a coalition of eight international plant-based food trade associations, including the Plant Based Foods Association (USA)Plant-Based Foods of CanadaEuropean Alliance for Plant Based FoodsEuropean Plant-based Foods AssociationPlant-Based Food Alliance UK, the Plant Based Foods Industry Association (India), the Mexican Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs, and China Plant Based Foods Association, united in the effort to bring about a healthier, more sustainable, and more humane food system. Our shared mission is to promote a healthier, more sustainable, and more compassionate food system. With the upcoming event, we aim to gather like-minded individuals and organizations to push forward our collective vision.