Ingredient Supplier Members

Ingredient suppliers are providing the plant-based industry with raw goods to create finished plant-based products. All ingredient supplier members receive updates, are displayed on our website, have access to an array of sponsorship opportunities and help us grow the plant-based foods industry.

*Ingredient is defined as a component that is a non-finished product. Does not include products (i.e. a plant-based cheese or meat product) that are sold to another manufacturer for a separate finished products.


  1. Enjoy bi-monthly newsletter updates
  2. Get your company logo on our Member Directory
  3. Advertise your partnership with PBFA, with our Proud Member Badge on your social media and website
  4. Access members-only content on our website, including videos and industry reports
  5. Connect with other members through networking and educational events
  6. Take advantage of sponsorship opportunities for our events

Annual Dues

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Additional Information

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Read Our Bylaws (PDF)
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Questions About Membership

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