Investor Membership

Support our cause as a PBFA Investor Member.


  1. Get insight into PBFA’s policy efforts and market conditions affected by policy makers
  2. Access PBFA’s experienced company leaders, senior staff, and advisors
  3. Access PBFA-purchased syndicated data on key food categories and reports on plant-based market trends
  4. Enjoy preferred and discounted access to PBFA networking events, conferences, and member-only function
  5. Experience increased deal flow through early access to promising brands; many companies join PBFA at an early phase
  6. Receive all Affiliate Member benefits, which include:
    • Company logo displayed on website (or individual name)
    • Access to educational webinars
    • Receive regular members-only updates
    • Access to membership directory
    • Participation in private communication tools
    • Ability to network with other members

Individual Investors

Individuals that meet SEC standards for an accredited investor may apply.

Entity Investors

Accredited entity investors that meet SEC standards may apply.

Annual Dues

Investor membership dues are $750 per year.

Additional Information

Read Our Membership Policy (PDF)
Read Our Bylaws (PDF)
Read Our Values (PDF)
Read Our Bylaws (PDF)
Read Our Member Code of Conduct (PDF)

Questions About Membership

Want to to learn more about Membership at PBFA? Please email Program Coordinator Annie Tarashansky at

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The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

We can’t say enough about the importance of joining the Plant Based Foods Association. The benefits of being part of an organization like PBFA far exceeded our expectations, and we’re proud to be a member.

August Vega

Founder & CEO, MALK Organics