Food Service

PBFA believes plant-based foods should be available to consumers everywhere they eat, not just at home. This means restaurants, cafeterias (at work and school), and beyond. To increase the adoption of plant-based foods, PBFA offers resources and programs designed to educate and inform food service professionals.

The Plant Based Foods Association’s flagship program, The Power Plant, is a scalable grab-and-go cooler and food service solution. Aimed to help retailers adapt to meet growing consumer demand for plant-based options, The Power Plant units are stocked with a delicious variety of chef-curated, plant-based beverages, snacks and meals from trusted brands. The concept combines a branded cooler, freezer and snack rack perfect for college campuses, corporate offices, hospitals, airports and more.

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The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

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The ‘Certified Plant Based’ seal will help us build consumer advocacy beyond PBFA, which is what we need to create the tipping point on plant- based eating.
Brian Orlando

Chief Marketing Officer, Upfield