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New Vegan Yogurt With Zero Added Sugar Just Hit 500 Stores!

By Michelle Neff, One Green Planet, February 01, 2018


NBJ Award winners announced

By Rick Polito, New Hope, February 01, 2018


2018 Ingredient Trends to Watch for Food, Drinks, and Dietary Supplements: Plant Protein

By Kimberly J. Decker, Nutritional Outlook, February 06, 2018


CEO Dateline – Kraft, DowDuPont leaving Grocery Manufactures Association

By Walt Williams, CEO Update, February 08, 2018


Nestle Purchases Majority Stake In Vegan Snack Company

By Jill Ettinger, Live Kindly, February 09, 2018


Where Some People Donated in 2017

Effective Altruism Forum, February 11, 2018


Plant-Based Cheese and Meat Sectors on the Rise

By Emily Monaco, Organic Authority, February 12, 2018


Grocery Manufacturers Association Departures Continue Amid Massive Food System Shift

By Jill Ettinger, Organic Authority, February 13, 2018


Burger Buzzkill: Cattlemen’s Association Pushes for Exclusivity on ‘Meat’ and ‘Beef

By Jill Ettinger, Organic Authority, February 13, 2018


Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison brings big ideas to Big Food

By Bill Giebler, New Hope, February 15, 2018


Consumers reveal why they buy plant-based dairy alternatives

By Cathy Siegner, Food Dive, February 15, 2018


Plant Based Foods Association Expands To Meet Growing Demand For Vegan Food

By Tanya Flink, Live Kindly, February 15, 2018


GMA president to retire, Chipotle hires new CEO, and more

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, February 16, 2018


Good Food Institute: Outdated rules for child nutrition programs exclude nutritious plant-based foods

By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA, February 23, 2018


Trade group advocates for growing plant-based food industry

By Ilene Lelchuk, New Hope, February 27, 2018


Chippewa Valley Community Members Find Positives And Negatives in Veganism

By Sydney Purpora, Blugold Media, February 27, 2018