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Beef Groups Aim To Restrict Use of ‘Meat’ 

By Louise Kramer, Specialty Food, March 05, 2018 


Almond Giant Joins Team Plant

By Helena Bottemiller Evich, Politico, March 05, 2018 


Vegan Milk Brand Blue Diamond Becomes Plant Based Foods Association’s 100th Member 

By Tanya Flink, Live Kindly, March 05, 2018 


A Plant-Based Farm Bill 

By Catherine Boudreau, Politico, March 07, 2018 


Daiya Expands Vegan Cheese Production To Hit $1 Billion In Sales 

By Charlotte Pointing, Live Kindly, March 07, 2018 


America’s Largest Dairy Company Ends Contracts With Dairy Farmers, Cites Decline in Consumption 

By Joe Loria, Mercy for Animals, March 12, 2018 


‘Meat’ from plants? No way, says beef group 

By Hembree Brandon, Delta Farm Press, March 12, 2018 


Campbell Soup Company To Develop More Plant-Based Protein Options 

By Tanya Flink, Live Kindly, March 14, 2018 


Campbell’s Soup Introduces New Plant-Based Proteins 

By Michael Doherty, One Green Planet, March 15, 2018 


Government Urged To Support Vegan Labeling On Plant-Based Food 

By Tanya Flink, Live Kindly, March 16, 2018 


Takeaways from Expo West 

By Laurie Petersen, Whole Foods Magazine, March 19, 2018 


NMPF hails victory over plant-based ‘milks’ in spending bill, PBFA says claims have ‘zero legal significance’ 

By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA, March 23, 2018 


Kraft Heinz To Center Investments On ‘Disruptive’ Plant-Based Start-Ups 

By Nadia Murray-Ragg, Live Kindly, March 24, 2018 


Plant-based groups outline wish list for upcoming Farm Bill 

By Stephen Daniells, Food Navigator USA, March 26, 2018 


Could dairy standards of identity make any difference for plant-based alternatives? 

By Cathy Siegner, Food Dive, March 26, 2018 


Canvas uses barley to make high protein, high fiber drink 

By Suzanne Roig, The Bulletin, March 27, 2018 


The Battle Begins At The FDA As Agriculture Evolves: Milk From A Cow Vs. Milk From Plants 

By Phil Lempert, Forbes, March 27, 2018 


Organic needs a large voice to influence the next Farm Bill 

New Hope, March 29, 2018 


Gottlieb doubles down on nutrition at FDA 

By Sabrina Rodriguez, Politico, March 29, 2018 


Stakeholders square up for battle over scope of 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans 

By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA, March 31, 2018