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Plant-Based Labeling Called into Question

By Julia Peterman, Whole Foods Magazine, October 01, 2018


FDA Issues Request for Information on Plant-Based Milk and Dairy

By Emily Monaco, Organic Authority, October 01, 2018


Survey: Half of US consumers buy both dairy and plant-based milk

By Emily Monaco, Food Dive, October 01, 2018


FDA could follow N.C., regulate labels calling plant-based beverages ‘milk’

By Lindsay Marchello, Carolina Journal, October 01, 2018


Can You Call It Meat? Lawsuit Takes Issue With Labeling

By Gina Balstad, Coeur d’Alene Press, October 01, 2018


Lawsuit over meat substitute labeling raises sustainability concerns

By Gina Balstad, The Maryville Daily Forum, October 01, 2018


More shoppers select both dairy and non-dairy products

By Caitlin Mullen, Sacramento Business Journal, October 03, 2018


Taco Bell has a surprisingly great selection of vegan foods — these are the best options

By Jessica Tyler, Business Insider, October 05, 2018


JBS recalls 6.9M pounds of beef linked to salmonella outbreak

By Cathy Siegner, Food Dive, October 05, 2018


We compared the best vegan options from 7 fast-food chains — and the winner was clear

By Jessica Tyler, San Antonio Express-News, October 06, 2018


American Butter Institute Urges FDA To Require Label Changes To Buttery Vegan Spreads

By Charlotte Pointing, Live Kindly, October 10, 2018


Does almondmilk contain cow’s milk? Not sure, say 16% of Americans, Yes, say 9%, No, say 75%

By Elaine Watson, Food Navigator USA, October 12, 2018


Kraft Struggles To Reach The Millennial Market As American Cheese Sales Decline

By Kat Smith, Live Kindly, October 13, 2018


75% Of Consumers Know The Difference Between Dairy And Vegan Milk Despite Industry Label Complaints

By Lauren Wills, Live Kindly, October 16, 2018


Plantible Foods targets food industry with plant-based duckweed protein that ‘functions like an egg white’

By Mary Ellen Shoup, Food Navigator USA, October 17, 2018


Beyond Meat picks investment banks for IPO

By Christopher Doering, Food Dive, October 18, 2018


Fall In Love With Plant Based Campaign Debuts At 70 California

By Anna Starostinetskaya, VegNews Magazine, October 18, 2018


Plant-Based Foods Get Time In Grocery Store Spotlight

By Ernie Smith, Associations Now, October 19, 2018


California ballot measure on cage-free rules divides activists, farmers

KID-AM, October 22, 2018


Lucky Supermarkets launches new plant-based educational initiative

By Jessi Devenyns, Food Dive, October 22, 2018


Lucky Supermarkets, Launches Educational Plant-Based Food Program in California!

By Cait Corcoran, One Green Planet, October 26, 2018


‘Fall In Love With Plant-Based’ Campaign Launched By Supermarket Chain

By Maria Chiorando, Plant Based News, October 26, 2018


Kite Hill Aims To Fly Higher With $40M Venture Capital Round

By Janet Forgrieve, Forbes, October 26, 2018


U.S. Dairy Farmers Struggle With Milk Surplus As Vegan Options Drive Market Shift

By Kat Smith, Live Kindly, October 27, 2018