To learn more about Vejii, we asked their team to weigh-in.

What’s the name of your company?

Vejii Holdings Limited, at

When and why did you start your company?

Vejii started in 2020 to provide easier access to plant-based products in a consolidated shopping experience.

3 sentences or less, can you tell us about the work your company is doing and why it is important?

Vejii is an online marketplace that supports plant-based startups and local brands looking to gain national exposure through our online marketplace. We offer a vendor portal where brands can onboard and select a variety of marketing packages ranging from paid digital advertising (PPC/CPC), and email and influencer marketing.

What do you think others should be aware of with regards to the work your company is doing?

We’re helping to launch plant-based brands online. We are an industry consolidator and looking for brand partnerships and opportunities.

How have the current circumstances of the world changed your business plan?

Recent circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic have driven an increase towards online grocery shopping. Vejii makes purchasing plant-based options easy, with thousands of products offered from large and small brands across the country. 

Do you have any exciting news or launches occurring this year?

We already ship nationwide and will be launching regional same-day delivery in key markets.

What is one thing you wish you knew as you began your work that you think is important for others working in this industry to know?

We have been overwhelmed by the collaborative nature of companies and individuals that we work with in the industry. We believe all companies pursuing growth within the plant-based and sustainable-living sector will make a real impact.

Where can others find you online?