PBFA wants to put brands back in the driver’s seat with regard to messaging and promotion in the marketplace. Ensuring we can build demand will allow the plant-based industry and its brands to illustrate the power of the consumer interest to retailers. 

Peace. Love. Plants.

With this in mind, we are launching a shopper marketing campaign – except this time, it is not attached to any particular retailer or e-commerce platform. This campaign allows the plant-based community to craft the message, pick the drive periods, and appeal directly to consumers. Our first offering is for the holiday season. It’s called Peace. Love. Plants. This campaign is centered around doing good for yourself and building an inclusive holiday gathering.
We know that having a marketing campaign outside of retailer support is a bit unorthodox from what we’ve done in the past, but the Marketplace Development team strongly believes that campaigns such as this can grow demand and ultimately illustrate how desired plant-based offerings are in the marketplace. 

How to Participate

PBFA members can join this campaign with a low entry cost of $5,000. This investment gets you inclusion in custom lifestyle photography and video. The landing page will feature your brand logo and link (you can link to your store locator and any offers you have on your product). It will also give you heightened digital exposure through targeted digital and social ads with an estimated 1.5 million impressions or more. Additional exposure includes an industry press release and featured on the PBFA website, emails, and social media. You will have the option to take part in a multi-brand rebate through aisle.com, or you can create your own promotion to run simultaneously for your e-commerce platform or for any you wish.

The post-promo analysis will cover media impressions, clicks, PR and social impressions, landing page (impressions, and clicks). If you opt into the rebate or brand promotion, you will have additional data points to measure ROAS and campaign performance.

We would love your brand to participate to encourage plant-based connections to holidays, consumers treating themselves, and inclusivity during the festive season. Please find the sell sheet here: Peace. Love. Plants. The sign up form can be found here: PLP Sign Up, and contact Nikki Smith if you have any questions.

Additionally, January is the month of trying something new. That’s why, this year, we’re partnering with Veganuary to help the plant-curious community to connect with PBFA member brands. In addition to the tactics and offerings, adding yourself to the roster allows Veganuary to bump your social posts and connect shoppers directly to your e-commerce or store locator page.  Please find the early/draft sell-sheet here: Veganuary & PBFA Marketing and reach out to Nikki Smith (nikki@plantbasedfoods.org) if you’re interested in this first of the year marketing campaign.

Important Details

Peace. Love. Plants

What it is: A digital marketing campaign to drive consumer awareness and shopper demand during the holiday season. The messaging centers around creating balance and inclusivity around the holidays.

When: NOV 27 – DEC 31, 2023

Cost: $5,000 for PBFA members, $7,500 for non-members

Number of Participating Brands: 15-20

Sign up by: October 16, 2023 using this link

Sell Sheet: Peace. Love. Plants. 


What it is: A digital marketing campaign harnessing the month-long challenge of ditching animal products for the month of January and leveraging Veganuary’s established email and social media campaigns to elevate plant-based brands.

When: JAN 1 – JAN 31, 2024

Cost: $5,000 for PBFA members, $7,500 for non-members

Number of Participating Brands: 15-20

Indicate interest by emailing nikki@plantbasedfoods.org by: November 6, 2023 

Sell Sheet: Veganuary