Are you interested in including more plant-based alternatives in your food service kitchen or retail store? New to plant-based eating and want to know your options, what they are, and how to use them? Now, the Plant Based Foods Association has you covered; we compiled a comprehensive guide to the most common plant-based alternatives to help get you started!

Explore plant-based alternatives to meats, dairy, and eggs and learn helpful tips on how to enjoy them. We’ve included:

  • Plant-based meat alternatives (seitan, tempeh, tofu, jackfruit)
  • Plant-based milks (almondmilk, soymilk, cashewmilk)
  • Plant-based cheeses (blocks, shreds, sauces)
  • Plant-based yogurt, butter, and egg replacer.

We know the demand for plant-based options is on the rise in cafeterias, restaurants, and retail stores and hope this guide will give you ideas on how best to include meat and dairy alternatives in your recipes. Download your copy here.

Want to know which PBFA member companies make these foods? Check-out our user-friendly, searchable online directory of plant-based dairy, meat, and eggs, and more. Results will link you directly to our member companies who offer these foods. Check back often as our membership is growing! Visit: