Member Opportunities

Keep up to date with PBFA’s latest member opportunities.

Retail Advisory Committee

Join industry leaders and experts by participating in the PBFA Retail Advisory Council. This council aims to shape and define merchandising best practices in retail (online and in-store) with the goal of transforming the retail environment in favor of plant-based foods.

Small Business Development Program

Are you looking for educational opportunities to grow and expand your small business? PBFA’s new Small Business Development Program is a 6-month opportunity, divided into 12 sessions, to educate our smaller members on how to succeed and thrive in the plant-based industry.

Join a Committee

Want to help guide, support, and inform the PBFA and PBFI priorities? Committee members have the opportunity to weigh-in on key issues and help contribute to shaping the strategic direction for our work.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to enhance your visibility, gain exposure, or extend the reach of your audience, PBFA is here to support you with a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Using our reach and influence, our goal is to leverage our network to increase our collective impact in the plant-based space.


The Plant Based Foods Association consists of members and supporters with the shared goal of ensuring the plant-based foods industry can succeed and thrive.

As evidenced by the press coverage and placements featuring representatives and members of the Plant Based Foods Association thus far, the PBFA is becoming an increasingly sought after and essential source for the news media.

Ryan Fletcher

Director, Movement Media