Over the past two years, the food supply network has changed drastically. The strain from the pandemic highlighted existing flaws in the system and plant-based food companies, like PBFA’s members, are coming to realize that there is no “going back to normal.” Rather, innovation and change are needed to navigate a system in flux. 

A proactive strategy for supply networks is crucial for companies that are looking to not only grow, but to truly thrive long-term. Facing ingredient shortages, shipping challenges, and other potential roadblocks, plant-based food companies have demonstrated remarkable resilience during this time. 

During a recent PBFA member support call, companies shared their experiences with pivoting and finding creative solutions to navigate supply network challenges. Our goal in facilitating candid discussions is to help plant-based food companies overcome these challenges and create sustainable, scalable solutions for their supply networks. 

PBFA members who could not attend this call but would like to access the insights and solutions identified from this meeting can find the full report under Member Resources in the Member Resource Center.