So many incredible opportunities lay ahead in 2023 for PBFA to champion, strengthen, and elevate the plant-based foods industry through the exciting work yet to come (and already underway!). As we enter another year, we are grateful for our tight-knit PBFA community and our collective commitment to mutual learning, partnership, and collaboration. We can’t wait for all that we will continue to achieve together.

As the only U.S.-based trade organization representing the plant-based foods industry—with a board that is governed by the industry, for the industry—we are thrilled to officially announce the election of our 2023 Board of Directors and their positions. Composed of both new and familiar faces, our Board will be well-poised to harness their immense passion, vast experience, and unique perspectives to advance the plant-based industry and help chart a prosperous course for this community in the months to come. 

Please join us in welcoming our 2023 Board of Directors:

Nicole Sopko, Board President, Vice President of Upton’s Naturals (re-elected)

Jaime Athos, Board Treasurer and Policy Committee Co-Chair, CEO of The Tofurky Company 

Sadrah Schadel, Sustainability Committee Co-Chair, CEO of No Evil Foods (re-elected)

Bill Glaser, Retail Advisory Committee member, Co-Founder, CEO of Outstanding Foods 

Becky Harrison, Membership Committee Co-Chair, Director of Food Service for Good Catch and Wicked Kitchen (new)

Lizzie King, Board Secretary and Policy Committee Co-Chair, Director of Sales, North America for Impossible Foods (new)

Julia Stamberger, Board Recruitment Committee Chair, CEO and Co-Founder, The Planting Hope Company (new)

Peter van Dijken, Membership Committee Co-Chair, Owner and Co-Founder, Green Boy Group (new)

Together, this incredible group of leaders represents a wide range of companies, expertise, and viewpoints, all of which will be instrumental in shaping the future of PBFA. 

Hear from the Board

“After an eventful and successful first term, I am honored to have the opportunity to continue in the role of PBFA Board President. We have spent the past couple of years laying the groundwork for an organization that can truly support and grow alongside our membership, and now we have the opportunity to continue to advance those efforts. With the combined enthusiasm, expertise, and contributions of our impressive Board of Directors, I am so optimistic about where this year can take both PBFA and the plant-based foods industry.” –– Nicole Sopko

“I am thrilled to have the privilege to work with the Board, staff, and membership of PBFA in my new role as Board Treasurer. I take so much inspiration from the passionate people who make up this future-shaping industry, and it is humbling to find myself in the company of such impressive entrepreneurs, advocates, and businesspeople. I am confident the PBFA will continue to notch wins for its member companies in the halls of government and in the courts, protecting our industry’s right to compete in an equitable marketplace. The association is also uniquely poised to give voice to the potential of and continuing successes of our industry in the media as well as with customers and end-consumers of plant-based products. Despite the challenges facing our industry in 2023, we have a great year ahead of us.” –– Jaime Athos

“2023 will be a pivotal year for the industry as we work to both raise awareness about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and the impact it can have on our personal health, the welfare of our communities, and the health of the planet. It is crucial for us to align as an industry and continue to educate and advocate for sustainable practices within the plant-based community. The Sustainability Committee at PBFA will bring together industry leaders to create a collective voice on sustainability by establishing consistent messaging, and creating and leveraging opportunities to promote plant-based foods as a key solution for environmental impact. I’m thrilled to continue the work of building and expanding opportunities and accessibility within the plant-based industry and proud to be a part of a movement that respects the dignity and health of all living beings and the planet.” –– Sadrah Schadel 

“I’m looking forward to supporting CEO Rachel Dreskin’s ambitious vision to help plant-based food companies reach more global consumers and have a massive impact on the health of humans, the environment, and animals. I believe the PBFA Board can play a key role in helping members navigate an ever-changing landscape filled with huge opportunities for growth, as well as fraught with challenges. PBFA, as a hub of resources, knowledge, connections, and policy for plant-based companies, is poised to help its members achieve fast growth while also helping them prevent the bumps in the road from becoming potholes.” –– Bill Glaser

“I am thrilled and honored to be elected to the PBFA Board. Building community to generate impactful, positive change is my passion, and as such, I am extremely excited to co-chair the Membership Committee and to help expand and help facilitate growth for this outstanding organization. I have been an active PBFA member for over five years and have reaped many rewards of support, informational content and programming, and connection with other members and plant-based companies who are working hard on the same goals. As an industry, we all benefit from the policy work and brand support that PBFA offers, and in 2023, I am excited to get to work and contribute to a year of unprecedented success for both the organization and the plant-based industry as a whole.” –– Becky Harrison

​​”The plant-based category is at an important inflection point. This year will be pivotal in driving progress for the industry – bringing new consumers into the space and further accelerating plant-based food into the mainstream. PBFA has an especially meaningful role to play in doing so. I could not be more thrilled to take on the position of Board Secretary and the elevated responsibilities that come with it. The team has laid an impressive foundation to build upon, and I can’t wait to get to work.” –– Lizzie King

“PBFA has the powerful ability to be the glue that can piece together companies from all different food sectors. Together, we strive to connect, unify, and fuel our members’ energy in meaningful ways as our movement grows. As the PBFA Board, we aim to educate and build cohesion around the common goal that all our members share: Expanding our plant-based food community, together.” –– Peter Van Dijken

“Since its inception, PBFA and its Board of Directors have been strong leaders, proponents, and supporters of plant-based food and beverages, and the efforts of their member companies to bring these products to market. PBFA’s efforts highlight the importance and relevance of plant-based foods amongst the fast-growing flexitarian segment of the population: People who are consciously choosing more plant-based foods. PBFA’s work to conduct and disseminate meaningful research and data in partnership with industry leaders demonstrates how our industry plays a pivotal part in accelerating the consumer shift that is currently underway, not only in the United States, but globally.” –– Julia Stamberger

Celebrating our 2022 Board Members

We would also like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation for our departing Board members—all visionary trailblazers for the plant-based industry: Chef GW Chew, Founder and CEO of Something Better Foods; Armetha Pihlstrom, who served while Senior Director of U.S. & Canada Foodservice Sales at Future Farm and Owner and Founder of Pihlstrom Consulting Group; and Matt Dunaj, who served while CFO and Vice President of Operations at Follow Your Heart. 

Each of these insightful, impactful leaders made incalculable contributions to our association and our broader industry in their time on the Board, and will continue to do so as cherished members of this community. We look forward to our ongoing work with GW and Matt as they move into advisory roles with PBFA, and with Armetha in her role on the Advisory Board of Plant Based World, our official trade show. We couldn’t be more grateful that PBFA—and the entire plant-based industry—will continue to benefit tremendously from their talents, knowledge, and thought leadership for a long time to come. 

Looking Forward

With our 2023 Board in place, PBFA is ready to hit the ground running with a robust and thoughtful strategy in the new year. 

“As the plant-based foods industry grows and evolves, our work to support and champion our members grows and evolves with it,” shared PBFA CEO Rachel Dreskin. “Welcoming our hugely impressive 2023 Board of Directors and bolstering our advisors and committees with inspiring leaders in the space will set us up for the necessary and exciting work ahead and will get us closer to actualizing our vision of a food system that respects the rights of all animals to live free of exploitation, ensures fairness for farmers and workers, promotes good health and nutrition, is restorative and remains within ecological limits.”

Once again, welcome to our new Board of Directors, and thank you to everyone in this community for a wonderful year and for all you do to advance our industry and fight for a brighter food future.