Looking back on PBFA’s third year, I am so proud to share all the tremendous progress we have made. We ended year three with 135 company members, more than 100 affiliate and investor members, and firmly solidified our role as the unifying voice in the growing plant-based foods industry.

Year three was filled with policy challenges at both the federal and state levels. I am proud to report PBFA successfully stopped the Dairy Pride Act from moving forward in Congress. We also submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration asserting that restricting “milk” and other dairy terms on labels would be unnecessary, costly, and unconstitutional.

PBFA also launched the first and only Certified Plant Based seal with NSF International, and partnered with Lucky Supermarkets for our “Fall in Love with Plant Based” campaign, aimed at educating shoppers about the wide variety of plant-based foods available.

We also grew significantly, welcoming numerous new staff members, consultants, and advisors who all help further our mission to accomplish much more on your behalf in year four. I’m so grateful for our passionate members, donors, and other supporters. We are taking plant-based foods to the next level, together.

You can read more about our exciting third year in our new report, here.

– Michele Simon