Our food system is inextricably linked to the health of our planet and climate. This is a reality that has been long understood and held, but unfortunately, not always considered with ample weight or concern. We need look no further than recent IPCC reports that illustrate how rising global temperatures, biodiversity loss, and extreme weather events are not only making it more challenging to grow food, but also indicate that our overreliance on industrial animal agriculture is at the root of our environmental crises. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, however, a growing body of research has made it clear that promoting plant-based diets and foods can provide solutions for the health of people and planet alike. Here at PBFA at the Institute, we aim to foster a thriving plant-based foods industry that creates, grows, and meets the market demand, facilitates a shift to plant-based diets and the displacement of animal agriculture, and promotes a transition in agricultural production that is diversified, regenerative, and based on plants for direct human consumption.

As part of this work, our newly founded Sustainability committee aims to identify key insights and meaningful ways to advance and promote the positive environmental impact of plant-based foods. Through their committee work, members will influence PBFA’s slate of opportunities for members to get more involved in the sustainability space and shape PBFA and the Institute’s sustainability strategy.

In the spirit of Earth Month and celebration of Earth Day, we asked our sustainability committee members to share what inspires them about what the committee and broader plant-based foods industry can accomplish to have a positive impact on the planet.