Becoming the sixth member of PBFA’s board of directors, Doug Radi, CEO of Good Karma Foods, brings his passion, expertise, and leadership in natural foods to the PBFA mission.

“I’m delighted to serve on the board of the Plant Based Foods Association. With the rapid growth of plant-based foods, PBFA is uniquely positioned to help promote the industry, educate consumers, and impact the debate around policies that affect our member companies,” said Mr. Radi.

The following eight industry leaders have also joined PBFA to form a new advisory team and lend their respective expertise to the PBFA board, staff, and membership:

  • Haven Bourque, media & PR
  • Sherene Chou, nutrition
  • Rebecca Cross, legal
  • Michele DeKinder-Smith, membership & research
  • Chris Kerr, start-ups
  • Mathis Martines, retail & marketing
  • David Meyer, fundraising
  • Sapna Thottathil, food service

“Plant-based foods are a clear answer to many questions confronting American eaters today. As a communications professional and long-term advocate of sustainable food, I’m honored to become an advisory team member to this important organization, which is becoming a powerful force for food system change,” said Haven Bourque.

“I am excited to support the Plant Based Foods Association in helping so many innovative companies that are offering exciting new foods to consumers who are increasingly demanding healthier and more sustainable options in the marketplace,” said Sapna Thottathil.

Also joining PBFA are three new full-time staff:

  • Sara Rutkowski as membership director: Ms. Rutkowski brings an extensive background in membership relations from the Specialty Food Association.
  • Janli Degenhardt as communications director: Ms. Degenhardt brings more than 15 years of experience in corporate communications from Chevron Corporation.
  • Ciara LaChaux as program coordinator: Ms. LaChaux brings a combined background in nutrition and program administration to PBFA.

“I am thrilled we are increasing our staff and board while adding a top-notch advisory team to better serve our members,” said PBFA Executive Director Michele Simon. “PBFA’s expansion is a sure sign that the future of the plant-based foods industry is bright,” she added.

The full list of PBFA board members, advisory team, and staff is available on the Plant Based Foods Association website.

About the Plant Based Foods Association

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