The incredible innovation and variety in plant-based foods was on full display at this year’s Plant Based World Expo (PBWE). Bringing together over 300 exhibitors and food industry professionals, PBWE is PBFA’s official tradeshow and we are proud to share there were over 80 of our members in attendance at this year’s show.

In celebration of the innovation and excellence across the plant-based food and drink categories, FoodBev Media hosts the The World Plant-Based Awards in association with Plant Based World Expo. This year’s awards saw entries from 148 companies that spanned 20 countries. The finalists and winners of this year’s awards, including many PBFA members, are as follows:

Best dairy product alternative

Winner New Roots AG: Plant-Based Alternative to Hard Cheese – Circular Economy Approach

Culcherd – Culcherd Everything Bagel Cheese

Daiya – Feta Style Block (PBFA MEMBER)

Honestly Tasty – Shamembert


New Roots AG – La Fraîche – An Allrounder and 100% Substitute in any Kitchen 

Saputo Dairy USA – Vitalite Plant-Based Cheese (PBFA MEMBER)

Best meat alternative

Winner The Mushroom Meat Co. – Pulled Pork (PBFA MEMBER)

Beyond Meat – Chicken Tenders (PBFA MEMBER)

Eatplanted – Lemon & Herb Chicken

Fable – Meaty Mushroom

MyForest Foods – MyBacon (PBFA MEMBER)

NotCo – NotBurger™

Plantcraft – Plant-based Bologna (PBFA MEMBER)

Best milk alternative

Winner NotCo – NotMilk™ Chocolate 

Plantag – Black Sesame Milk

Ripple Foods – Dairy-Free Kids Milk (PBFA MEMBER)

Best plant-based beverage

Winner Hope and Sesame – Non-GMO Barista Blend Sesamemilk (PBFA MEMBER)

COCOPRO – Sugar-Free Fresh Coconut Milk

True North – Pure Energy Seltzer

Ripple – Dairy-Free Milk (PBFA MEMBER)

Best plant-based business

Winner New Roots AG 

Beyond Meat (PBFA MEMBER)

MartinoRossi Spa

Infinite Foods (PBFA MEMBER)

Best plant-based chocolate

Winner PLAYin CHOC – Organic Peruvian Cacao M•lk Chocolate 

VEGO Chocolate – Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 

Best plant-based condiment

Winner The PlantEat – Eat’s Better Chipotle Mayo 

ALDI – exclusive Specially Selected Premium Pasta Sauces

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. – Umami Everyday Sauce (PBFA MEMBER)

Best plant-based convenience product

Winner 18 Chestnuts – Plant Based Soups 

ALDI – exclusive Simply Nature Acai Superfruit Packs

GrownAs* Foods – Truffle Vegan Mac & Cheese (PBFA MEMBER)

Nutr – Nutr Machine

Best plant-based dessert/confectionery

Winner SuperSeed Ice Creme – Eat Drink Innovate Pty Ltd 

LoveRaw – White Choc Cre&m Wafer Bar

Pri’s Puddings – Pocket Sized Pies

Bon Dévil – Choc Ganache Desserts

Best plant-based functional product

Winner Float Foods – OnlyEg XL Omelette 

DSM Food & Beverage – Maxavor® Fish YE 

Fody Foods – Plant-Based Vegan Bolognese Pasta Sauce

MartinoRossi Spa – Meat Substitute Mix Ground Meat


Best plant-based non-food product

Winner FreshFry – Freshfry Pods 

Best plant-based packaging

Winner Oumph! (PBFA MEMBER)

18 Chestnuts – Plant Based Soups

The Fry Family Food Co. – Stars & Moons

Best plant-based protein

Winner Brevel – Plant Based Protein From Microalgae 

Palmetto Gourmet Foods – Chef Woo Ramen (PBFA MEMBER)

The Mushroom Meat Co. – Textured Mushroom Protein (TMP)™ (PBFA MEMBER)

The Protein Brewery – Fermotein®

Best plant-based seafood

Winner BeLeaf – Plant-Based Shrimp 

Finless Foods – Plant-Based Tuna (PBFA MEMBER)

Mind Blown Plant Based – Crab Cakes

Best plant-based snack

Winner Dolfin Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea 

Beyond Meat – Beyond Meat Jerky (PBFA MEMBER)

Outstanding Foods – Outstanding Cheese Balls (PBFA MEMBER)

Popadelics – Crunchy Mushroom Chips

Whoa Dough – Whoa Dough Cookie Dough Bars

Best plant-based start-up

Winner The Protein Brewery – Fermotein® 

18 Chestnuts Plant Based Soups


Plantcraft – The Plant-Based Deli Meat Company (PBFA MEMBER)

Best plant-based sustainability

Winner Ingredion incorporated – Ultra performance Prista line (PBFA MEMBER)

MartinoRossi Spa – MartinoRossi for the Planet 

The Mushroom Meat Co. – TMP / Mushroom-Based Flavors (PBFA MEMBER)

The Protein Brewery – Fermotein®